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Etwas Wissen über Geschenkdosenverpackungen

Etwas Wissen über Geschenkdosenverpackungen

Etwas Wissen über Geschenkdosenverpackungen

28. Juni 2021

Regarding the definition of gift tin packaging    , even if you search on Baidu, there is still no exact definition, and everyone’s definition is different. The common ones include paper-paste gift boxes, solid wood baking varnish gift boxes, rubber embryonic gift boxes, etc., which we are discussing here today. The high-end gift boxes are mainly for pasting gift boxes, that is, pasting boxes that need to go through many crafts and procedures and need to be carefully crafted by hand. Today, Xiaojiang will learn with everyone the hard-core knowledge that you must know about high-end gift boxes.

Classification ofGeschenkdosenverpackung        

⒈ Divided from the pasting fabrics, the most important are paper: including gold and silver cardboard, pearl paper and various art papers, etc.; leather: including leather and anti-leather PU fabrics, etc.; fabric: including various cotton and linen textures, etc. .

⒉ Divided from the scope of application, there are mainly daily chemicals, alcohol, food, tobacco, digital electronics, jewelry, etc.
Daily chemicals: mainly used in the two fields of cosmetics and perfume;
Liquor: mainly white wine, red wine and various foreign wines;
Food category: mainly chocolate and health food;
Tobacco: high-end products launched by major tobacco companies;
Digital electronics: such as high-end brand mobile phone boxes, tablet computer boxes, etc.;
Jewelry: all kinds of jewelry are basically packaged in unique style gift boxes.

The production process of gift tin packaging    :

The production process of gift box packaging is much more complicated than that of folding cartons. The subsequent processing of folding cartons is generally by "printing➝surface finishing (bronzing, silver coating, partial UV, laser convex, etc.)➝ die cutting➝ paste box ➝Inspection➝Packing" is completed. The gift box packaging production process is completed by "printing➝surface finishing➝outer material die-cutting➝gray board die-cutting➝gray board slotting➝gray board forming➝outer material pasting➝assembly➝inspection➝packing". From the perspective of the flow of the two products, the gift box manufacturing process is complicated and cumbersome, and the process standard is much higher than that of the folding carton.
Most of the high-end gift boxes that are common in our daily life are made of paper, and the paper surface is also most suitable for more process treatment.